Dragon’s Curse Remake

Several years ago I made a remake of one of my favorite childhood games. It uses the graphics and music from the Turbo Grafx version, and as such is probably all sorts of illegal. Thankfully nobody seems to have noticed or cared.

The game can be downloaded here. Some people have reported trouble running the game in 64-bit environments though. If you are one of those unlucky people, you can try downloading this patch, which will replace the EXE file (you still need to download the game in the first link).

44 thoughts on “Dragon’s Curse Remake

    • I’ve heard some people say they couldn’t run it on windows 7 64 bit. I don’t have such a machine so its difficult to make something work, but if you’d be willing to try a few experimental patches, send an email to contact@mistydaygames.com and I’ll send you something by the end of the week.

  1. I’ve tried running the 64-bit version of this, but I keep getting told “Could not find settings.ini” Can you tell me what that means?

    • Did you just download the DragonTrap_exe64.rar patch? You need to download the first link: the patch replaces one of the files. It’s still a bit experimental at the moment. If that’s not it let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

  2. Yeah, sorry. The link didn’t mention it was a patch, but I figured out later that since that’s what it said here, it made the most sense

    • Hi Aaron! This game isn’t a ROM hack so you don’t need an emulator. Everything you need should be in the file. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Hello !
    When I launch DragonTrap.exe, I have an error 0xc0000135 saying the application did not manage to initialize.
    I have a WinXP-32bit-configuration.
    Would you see any explanation to this problem?
    Thanks !

  4. hi

    Thanks for a great game to replayed again. Need some help plz.
    1. I want to use my joypad to play the games how do I configure the controls. I read u need to create Custom Maps. I have no idea how to do this can u give me a idea/guide. not use to using Editor.

    2. Can I play this on PSP handheld device or GP2x device.


    • Glad you’re enjoying the game! I don’t have true support for joypads, but I think you can use software that maps buttons to keyboard keys. I use XPadder but I’m sure there’s others. As for custom maps, I barely remember how the editor works but I think there’s a text file included that plays it. I doubt this will run on PSP since it depends on the Managed DirectX framework.

      • If you want to play this on your PSP, you can just emulate the TurboGrafix16 version through the PCEngine emulator that is available for it. That’s what I’ve been doing and it runs good :)

  5. hi

    great game puts a smile on my face :)
    just want reply to previous question -
    1. I tried controlMK to map keyboard and it works for my controller, however when playing the game every 10 seconds theres a slowdown which last about 5-6 seconds. Do u know how to overcome this problem I have try other mapping software with similar problem.


  6. hi
    sorry its working properly now, i just deleted it and made fresh download works.
    The screen is small however when full screen its pixelated. any solution

  7. I just wanted to thank you for this remake – it’s a lot of fun and quite the challenge. Are you planning on making another version in the future?

    ps. The boomerang shop is the best addition! :)

    • Glad you like it! I won’t be making any new versions of this game, I’m too busy on my upcoming game, and after that I have about a hundred ideas for new games, so that’s all the Dragon’s Curse I’ll ever make.

  8. O-M-G
    I just finish it at 100% and i must say that you’re a sick bastard ! (in a good way)

    The last extra session with only gold-level enemy was such an amazing and painful experience !
    My fingers still hurts ! X_X

    The other secret area, the snow world, is a little more doable, very fun and entertaining but i didn’t appreciate that you didn’t put any gems as a reward for completing that stage (and i don’t think that the problem it’s to have too much gem since you gave 2 extra gems in the last extra session).

    Well, in a few words: Good work.
    Now i think i’ll go play again the original, and i think i would find it pretty easy after all this ! XD

  9. Wow this is amazing . I spent many happy hours playing the Master System version in my youth. :)
    Is this open Source? I cant code myself but would love to see this ported to Homebrew enabled Consoles (360/PS3/Wii)

    Thank you. :)

    • Glad you like it! I will give the source to anyone who asks for it, but its a mess and i dont think it would work on platforms other than windows.

  10. That’s a shame, would love to see this on my RGH’d Console :p
    There’s no point me asking for the source as I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it, but it’s good to know if someone was to have a crack at it the source is available :)
    and again, thanks for making this.

  11. Hey, just downloaded this to replay it again after several years and it holds up pretty damn well! Back in the day I was the guy asking asking about new content like moving platforms and how one of the blocks was bugged in the level editor if you remember. I think I sent you some new version of the Shion sprite as well.

    I noticed you had made some changes in the comments to Waddler’s let’s play, but I can’t find a link to that new version (DragonTrap_exe64new.rar). I’m also interested in the level editor if you still have it and it works?

  12. Also, I feel like I should mention an issue with the short invincibility time – In the second dungeon, in one of the narrow paths upwards with two statues firing in opposite directions (it’s only two tiles wide), if you fall down onto the lower statue you’ll be stuck in the damage animation until death.

  13. Any chance of updating this remake with the following:-
    1.) Level Editor for PC.
    2.) Allow for Custom Music (aka. Remixed Music)
    3.) Port for both Original Xbox and PSP (Two of the best consoles for homebrew)
    4.) Choice of using either Wonderboy III or Dragon Curse sprites.
    5.) Open Source the game so fans can had more ideas to the game.

  14. Whoever maintains the Dragon’s Trap page on facebook just left a very praising review of your game. Just thought I’d share that with you :)
    Time to download and play it!

  15. Is there any way to play this game on an apple computer. I have a mac mini and have been dying to play the remake as this was one of my favorite games growing up. If there is any way to run this on an apple please please let me know! I tried running the download you provided and could not get it to work for me. Thanks again! Can’t wait to play this

  16. Hi,

    I got a pc just to play this game! However when i try and run the downloads it is asking me to select a program to open files with. Am I missing something. I’m not sure what program I would use to open so appear to be stuck. Have downloaded both the patch and the original link and still no luck. Running windows 7 operating system. Thanks so much so excited to get this up and running

  17. I downloaded RarAddin 64×64 but still can’t seem to get this to run. Any thoughts or suggestions. I’m wondering if i downloaded the right RAR to unpack the application. I tried to download free version, is there a free version i can download to unpack or do i have to go with a paid version?

  18. Just started playing this and I’ve just unlocked mouse man. It’s been very fun so far, especially since Wonder Boy III is one of my favorite games. But I have one issue, 2 really but only one is important.

    It seems like the music doesn’t loop perfectly, I mean I can hear when it’s looping. It’s not that it’s looping to the wrong part, just that it is noticeable when it does. Kind of like a stuttering or a very brief pause when it’s looping. This is especially noticeable in the desert and somewhat in the very first castle as Wonder Boy. Is this a known issue and any way to fix it? I’m using the 64-bit exe since I’m running 64 bit windows 7.

    The other issue is that fullscreen doesn’t work, I get a “Error in the application” error whenever I try to run it in fullscreen. This isn’t that bad since I can just play in window mode and enlarge the window to fit the screen. But I thought you should know and maybe there’s a fix?

    • Funny, I never noticed the music skipping but you’re right. I guess the song loop point is off by a fraction of a second. As for full screen, it hasn’t worked since Windows XP.

      • Well, at least I know that it’s not my computer that is the problem. It would be really great if you could fix it. By the way, I was watching a LPer playing this game and I saw your comment in the comment section. Apparently you’ve updated the jungle section “there’s no hole next to the treasure chest to fall down, and you can now backtrack if you missed the key.”. But it seems like the patch at the page links to the old 64-bit exe and not the new one you’ve made. Maybe update the link to the new exe? Or maybe I’ve missed something.

        Anyway, thanks for the remake, it’s great!

        • You’d be pleased to know that, even though the creator isn’t working on this anymore, he kindly sent me the source code to continue development. As it stands, we are refactoring the code base with the intention of getting it using a more modern (and eventually cross-platform) API, as I think it’s using .NET2.0 or something, which is wayyyy out of date, hence the issues people are having. When we reach that point, we hope to continue adding features to compliment this version of the game, and include features and levels more faithful to the original too. Watch this space. :)

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